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programIconDailyDaily 's - Introduction,hurry up! your time is running away from you

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Production Keyword:

Personal Mirror , Personal recorder ,Personal backup Tool


Question:(here are some questions you really need to make sure )

if you could answer these question,you are a great personal with amazing memory! then you don't bother know this software

Q1: do you remember what you did when your 18 or 36 birthday or 7days before?

Q2: do you know how many time you spend on entertainmen like game or movie or somethings else

Q3: do you want lookback when you are 40,50,60 or even too old to think much?


Main Part Begins

A PERSONAL Backup TOOL,backup every thing happens to you automaticly (in your computer screen)

and my suggestion : buy it right now ,see today's Backup one year after you try or buy it




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